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A Poem about a Gnome named Jerome

Jerome the gnome sat alone in his home, reading a tome on the subject of Rome.

Though the book wasn’t bad, Jerome didn’t look glad.

He pined and he sighed. A tear fell. He cried.

What was amiss?

“A miss is amiss! Oh, how I miss a miss! A miss to kiss would be ultimate bliss.”

Again, he sighed as he eyed through the window outside.

It wasn’t sunny or warm. There raged a terrible storm.

Through the rain that gushed, towards his house rushed

Under clouds with water laden, a delightful young maiden.

Jerome’s eyes went wide. Casting all gloom aside, to the door he did stride.

Emitting a roar, he opened the door. “There’s the one I adore! I’m unhappy no more.”

With his arms opened wide, he bade her inside.

He pressed her to his breast. How his heart throbbed in his chest!

They were in bed swiftly, undressed in a jiffy.

Now that they were nude, wild love-making ensued.

While the pair inside were at passion’s height, outside, the storm did subside.

The moon, brightly white, cast her light on the sight of the maiden’s eyes wide with fright.

If only she’d known that handsome Jerome was a werewolf gnome!

He grew big and strong, with a tail awfully long,

With fierceful claws and deterrent jaws.

How he scowled, growled and yowled. At the full moon he howled. She would soon be disemboweled!

She screamed, “Spare me please!” Went down on both knees.

Though she sniffed, snaffed and sobbed, Jerome couldn’t be stopped.

The curse was strong. The murder took long.

After a fright-filled night, the sun threw light on a most gruesome sight.

Poor Jerome thought he’d swoon. “This happens every full moon!”

“Tell me what must I do? Each time my love is true, but I’m left, filled with rue.”

Many hours cried Jerome, the werewolf gnome.

When he finished, still shaken, he said “This curse needs breaking.”

He took his cloak, scarf and hat, gave the hat a quick pat.

“Far and wide I will stride,” he said, his voice filled with pride.

“Till I’ve found a solution to this harsh situation.”

‘I will wait no more. The world will I explore, be it four score or more, till I’m cursed no more and the one I adore can walk fearless through my door.’

And that is how Jerome, the werewolf gnome, quit his studies on Rome and the world did roam.

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